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Old Spanish Trail Centennial: San Antonio is ahead of the game again — this time getting ready to celebrate the OST's centennial. They have handily created PDFs for most of the Old Spanish Trail travelogues — documents we spent hundreds of dollars acquiring on eBay or through interlibrary loan.

These sites include information on the Old Spanish Trail, Old US 80 and Old US 90

AARoads.com: The ultimate guide to current US highways.

Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas: These sites cover US 90 along the Gulf.

American Roads “California based website devoted to the documentation of old auto trails and U.S. highways, including the Old Spanish Trail”

Arizona Roads: A web site that aims to be a comprehensive guide to Arizona's state, US, and Interstate routes, including US 80.

Florida Auto Trails: Concise account of the OST and other named trails across Florida.

Old Spanish Trail Restaurant in Bandera, TX

The Old U.S. 80 Highway Traveler’s Guide

UCM Museum (“Louisiana’s Most Eccentric Museum”): Take a postcard tour down old US 90 — Old Spanish Trail — on this fun site. Don’t forget to visit the museum while passing through New Orleans.

Other Historic Highways and Named Trails

1910s Road Maps of Pennsylvania

Abo Pass Highway

Colorado Highways

Dixie Highway

Dixie Highway: The site represents Pam Ecker’s history of the Dixie Highway, a frequent traveling companion and competitor with the Old Spanish Trail in Florida.

Early Texas Highways

Historic California U.S. Highways

Historic Columbia River Highway

Historic Highways Website: Jim & Nancy Schaut's web page celebrating US 60 and other US highways across the Southwest.

Historic Highways of Central and Southern California

Historic Roads in Los Angeles County

History Highways: A new and somewhat infrequent blog on historic highways.

Lincoln Highway

Magnolia Route

Meridian Highway

North American Auto Trails: This is the web site that started it all. Though it hasn’t been updated in years, David Schul’s web page is a virtual encyclopedia of nearly 200 named transcontinental and regional named auto trails.

Montana’s Auto Trails

National Old Trails Highway: FHWA historian David Weingroff’s exhaustive history on the National Old Trails road — historically the most important named highway across the Southwest and the precursor to Route 66 in New Mexico.

North Carolina Roads

Ozark Trail

Pikes Peak Ocean-to-Ocean Highway: Fans of old highways across Colorado should read this informative essay on the little-known Pikes Peak Ocean-to-Ocean Highway.

Pontiac Trail

South Carolina’s Auto Trails

US 50 Coast to Coast: Follow Wulf Berg’s coast-to-coast journey along old and new US 50.

US Highways: The mother site of all US highways. Learn the origin and routes of US 1 through US 830 at this site.

Yellowstone Trail: Alice and John Ridge are doing a fine job documenting and promoting the Yellowstone Trail— “A Good Road from Plymouth Rock to Puget Sound.” Be sure to get a copy of their informative and nicely priced “Introducing the Yellowstone Trail.”

Other Cool Highway Sites

American Highway Project: An organization that uses photography to document America’s vanishing roadside. Check out their gallery of top quality photographs of abandoned gas stations, neon signs, drive-in theaters and tourist attractions.

Old West Signs: These folks made us a great OST map to hang on our wall. Photo coming soon. Their signs are great, and they'll do custom work.